Wednesday, November 28, 2007

day 28, thirty days of thanks continues.....

Today i am thankful for my home state, California! I was born in Garden Grove and my mother and sister are still there. My mom lives in Bass Lake, Ca. and my sister, Kim, lives in Ventura, Ca. It doesn't matter if i am visiting San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fran and way up North, Ferndale, it is all gorgeous! There is so much to see and do. I could spend a few years driving up and down the coast of California into Oregon and Washington state. Love it! i try to go once a year and it's just never enough time. I think my favorite place to go is San Francisco and Monterey/Carmel/Pacific Grove. I could spend some much time there. The photos i could take! (and the photos i have taken!)
A couple of years ago, Dillon and i took 3 weeks during the summer and headed to the west coast. We flew into Phoenix, Arizona to visit my brother (who has since moved). From there i rented a van and along with my mother, we took my 3 nephews and drove to the Grand Canyon. From there we drove to Bass Lake, CA. My brother came and picked up his kids and then Dillon and I headed to Ventura, Ca. to visit my sister, Kim. From there we drove to Pismo Beach and spent the night there. We stopped there specifically so that we could go and get some of the best clam chowder in the world! From there we headed to Pacific Grove (Monterey area) where we booked a hotel for 4 days. We had so much fun there! i love traveling with my son. My mom drove down while we were there so we got to see her again. We were actually out in the Monterey Bay in kayaks when we saw her and Muppet (her dog) on a beach looking for sea glass. we were hollering and screaming for them to see us. it was funny (and yes, they saw us!). we went to the aquarium - which is a must see if you get there........ From there we took Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and headed north again. Dillon and i stay at this place that overlooks a cliff. they are darling cottages. (can't think of the area right now....). From there we drove to San Simeon to photograph and view the elephant seals. (another absolute must see!). From there it was back to Ventura for a few days and then finally onto Las Vegas! Dillon was born in Las Vegas, so it was fun to take him there again. We stayed at the Luxor Hotel and went to see the "O" show (FABULOUS!). It was hot as heck there, but worth it. From there we drove back to Phoenix where we caught our flight back home. Such a wonderul time and i am so glad we did it.


  1. Great photos, Kecia! Art & Soul has a retreat at Asilomar next year. February, I think. It was one of the best retreats ever- right there on the beach!

  2. Great pictures! I've seen the elephant seals a few times - we took my son to see them this past spring - they are so fun to watch and listen to! (but don't stand downwind...) :)


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