Monday, November 12, 2007

Blog Candy Giveaway!

I've decided that it's time for another giveaway. i'm starting to get into that Christmas spirit by starting the giving early!

i'd like to hear about your favorite holiday tradition. whether it is something you do now or when you were a child - tell me all about it!

i leave thurs. morning for Nevada to celebrate my father's 70th birthday, so sometime next week i'll have a drawing for a prize.

i think i'll save my favorite tradition for tomorrow's 30 days of thanks.


  1. Hi Keica, thanks for visiting my blog. You asked what state I am in, it is the State of Victoria, Australia.
    Happy 70th Birthday to your Dad.

  2. My all time favorite holiday tradition growing up was making lasagna on Christmas Eve, putting it in the oven before church, then coming home to have a candlelight dinner before opening gifts. (yes, we opened gifts Christmas Eve because we traveled to see family on Christmas Day...)
    Lately, we have a fun tradition of traveling out of L.A. to Big Bear Lake (in the mountains) the day after Thanksgiving, and we wander the shops and just have a lovely day.

  3. Happy Birthday to your dad. Have a safe trip, Kecia.

    My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with my siblings at my parents' house on Christmas Eve. Everyone always brings their favorite goodies and we have a feast. Then we exchange gifts. We have always opened gifts on Christmas Eve because my dad was the biggest kid of all and couldn't wait until Christmas morning.

  4. Hi Keica... I think my favorite tradition for Christmas time, is my kids always got a pair of homemade pajamies to wear on Christmas Eve so that they would be clean looking for Christmas pictures.. Some of the outfits I made them to wear, well am surprised they didn't come back and haunt me... LOL.. But hey the kids looked so cute then!


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