Friday, November 23, 2007

day 23, thirty days of thanks continues!

today i am thankful for customers/clients - people who appreciate and buy my art! i am in a black Friday show that started today and will continue on until tomorrow and had a very successful day. Some of my customers today were people who have bought from me many times (Carol and Amy) and several of them bought from me at this show last year. One lady told me that she specifically came to this show today in hopes of finding me. how nice is that? those are the things i love to hear! the picture above is Amy and Carol. Carol bought the "bottle cap guitar" (among other things) and Amy bought one of my rusty bed spring altered dolls and my altered hand with wings.
the second picture is of some sweet girls who i met last year. Danielle is on the left, Kim is in the middle and Phyllis is on the right.
So mucho grasias- I am thankful that you "get my art" and buy it for your selves!


  1. Oh Hooray! The guitar sold! :) I loved that guitar, but obviously I'm no where near Jersey on black friday.

    Hope you have a great show! I hope to make it to the show next year. ;)

  2. oh, you sold your winged hand!!!
    well, that's great!
    i LOVED that hand!
    i'm glad it went to a good home and you made some $$$ on it!
    hope today was a good day for you, too. been thinkin' about you all day, jan


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