Wednesday, November 14, 2007

day 14, thirty days of thanks continues......

today i am thankful for my kitty, Lilly. Lillly is 4 years old and is a himalayan cat. she is a "blue-tipped" himalayan. she is very pretty and i call her my princess. she is very spoiled, but very sweet. she is great company for me. she likes to follow me around to whatever room i am . i love it when she's on the floor in my studio while i am working. come on, how cute is she?


  1. What a fantastic face! She is pretty gorgeous alright. I'll add a photo of my sweet furry companion to Kel's Space.

  2. Keep that pic so we can paint that sweet face somewhere when I come!!! she is 2 cute, looks like she has attitude and then some!-Sandra


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