Saturday, November 3, 2007

30 days of thanks continues - today i am thankful for.......

our sweet golden retriever, Kirby! we got kirby in 1996, so she is 11 years old. Kirby was named by Dillon after a character in his then favorite movie, "The brave little toaster". We like to call Kirby the ambassador of our neighborhood. she feels it is her duty to greet and be petted by anyone who happens to be walking by, riding their bikes, dropping of the mail, etc. (she's charmed the UPS lady who brings her treats!)
Kirby is sweet, loyal and patient. She is the matriarch of our dogs and they just love her. what am i saying, "everyone loves kirby".


  1. oh now you knew i would shed tears at this sweet post, please kiss that sweet furry for me....

  2. yes, kim, i knew it. there will be more furry posts later as well!

  3. another reason we're such good friends....our love of our big old dogs!
    i loved this post. it made me cry inside when i read it - kirby is a dear!
    the 'days of thanks' continues with eggnog in your coffee, huh.
    i'm gunna try it!! woohoo!!



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