Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Product Review - Hot Glue Gun Helpers

Last year at CHA, i got to play with this cool little tool, called "Hot Glue Gun Helpers", made by Plaid. Besides my soldering iron and sewing machine, my hot glue gun is a one of my favorite tools to use!

Recently I received the complete set and was asked to do a product review and share with my readers. So last night I decided was the perfect time to play around with it while i working on some scrap fabric flowers.

The kit comes with a craft mat, finger caps, tweezers, a paddle and a press wand. I like the bright pink they used because when storing these items along with my glue gun, they are easy to spot. Also if i lay them down on my messy work station, again, easy to spot amongst all the other stuff.


This is how you use the finger cap. I tend to place it over my index finger and then as i squeeze out some glue, using my protected finger to push the glue into place without burning myself.


the tweezers are another smart addition. I wanted to add this little piece of silver trim to my flower, so it was easy to grab with the tweezers and glue without my fingers getting anywhere near the hot glue. sure i could use my regular tweezers, but then i have to pick off any glue sticking to the end. with these tweezers, the glue just peels right off.


and this is how i was using the press wand. i needed to do some gluing from underneath the flower- so i squeezed in some glue and then turned the flower right side up and pressed the wand into where i wanted the glue to go. pressing with this tool allowed the glue to dry where i needed it without me having my fingers anywhere involved.

So my opinion? i LOVE these tools. i think they are easy to use, hold and deal with. I like the easy clean up, but mostly i like not burning my fingers! Thanks to Plaid, Amy Anderson and Cathie Fillian for sending this my way.

The sets are now available in Cathie Fillian's etsy shoppe. feel free to tell them that i sent you over!


  1. I always burn the same finger so thank you for blogging about this and it is PINK!! lol I ordered 2, 1 for me and 1 for a friend as a gift and I did tell her you sent me! Thanks Kecia. Grace xoxo

  2. Kecia what a great kit. No more sticky burnt fingers

  3. Oh my goodness...I am so glad I follow your blog...I have not seen these and since I work with hot glue in my floral work i could put these to good use. TFS!

  4. man do I need one of those.....I'm constantly burning myself with hot glue!

  5. I love this--such an excellent idea--and thank you for the link!!


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