Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CHA memories

what can i say about CHA? it was the most amazing time. i don't think i have ever talked to so many people in my entire life! i met facebook friends, women from TV, editors from magazines, women who run the behind the scenes of businesses, friends or acquaintances from the past, people who recognized me from retreats or classes we took together. it went on and on. and i loved every minute. the connection to all these women was just amazing to me. and that is what is so cool- how we can connect with one another via the internet and then one day meet in person. there were people to cheer me on, encourage me, support me, compliment me all the while with me doing the same. stories to be told, stories to be shared. quick flashes of running into busy people who spare a minute to listen to you. running into old instructors, now friends and receiving such warm and embracing hugs from them as they listen to me prattle on! hanging out with silly girls who are so like me, it is scary! the walking, the talking, the energy spent, the looking, the make and takes, being recognized by people who read my blog. the compliments on my jewelry, my style, handing out business cards left and right and so much more. honestly, i felt like i was at home in this crafty little universe under one roof in my home state of California!

i mentioned how meeting Jenny Doh was a highlight of the event, but i have to also tell you that i got to meet Aleene, of Aleene's tacky glue! i believe she is turning 85 this year and she pioneered for us all with her crafty little invention of this amazing glue! she was so cute as she autographed many bottles of this very popular glue!

to top it off, off the cuff, i extended my trip over the next weekend by heading back to Ventura with my sister and niece who drove down to spend the day with me. i think we all needed to spend some time together and i am glad we did.

i am home again and getting unpacked, following up on contacts and going through all the info given to me along the way. in a few weeks, i'll be flying back to California again to teach at Gilding the Lily (Fullerton, CA), so maybe i shouldn't bother unpacking my suitcase! check out the classes here and here if you are curious!


Just in case you missed it:
i've got 2 workshops coming up next weekend and there are a few spots left. read about it here! email me at keeshagirl4@aol.com with any questions!


  1. Hi Kecia, looks like you had such a great time, so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a delight you are to share yourself with so many different and wonderful people, and then to have the same happen to you in return. It is what helps our world go 'round these days! It is a selected few that make our hearts soar from afar, and continue to love and heal. Love, Mom

  3. Wow, What fun! And love the necklaces.


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