Thursday, February 11, 2010

sewing fun

(hint, click on picture for enlarged view)
just a picture to show the jeans i've been altering. it's been fun and keeping my mind occupied. for the most part, i used vintage scraps from quilts, lace, trim, doily's and such.


  1. Okay this is really, really cool. And really, really pretty. Gosh I am in awe! Sweet Dreams...Eden the image of KIRBY..its darling!

  2. you never cease to amaze me!!!
    love that song "aubrey"...xox

  3. very cute. I think I should give this a try. thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Hi Kecia- I just wanted to let you kmow that I featured your blog as an inspiring place today on my piece for Thanks for sharing your wonderful art with the world!


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