Thursday, January 21, 2010

full of grace

Last week, Deryn, held an auction of one of her necklaces and is donating the proceeds to Hope for Haiti. between the winning bid and independent donations, Deryn was able to raise around $625. I think that is just wonderful and thanks for all who placed bids and donated whatever small amount they could. i decided to hold a drawing for one of my "patchwork of love" pendants for any bidder on her necklace and drew the winning name a few days ago. Congratulations to Sherry Smyth. For her word, Sherry picked "grace". i love how this one turned out. i use very old quilt pieces that i do a little stitching on. i especially love the tattered edging in the upper right corner of the pendant.

in other news, i am off to CHA tomorrow. so if you don't hear from me, i'll see you when i get back!


from the files of "things you might have missed" -

i'm teaching two workshops in February here at Lemoncholy's Studio, located in Wall, NJ. you can read the post about class descriptions here.

also - i am looking for people who are interested in exchanging Valentine's cards with me. read the post here!


  1. Such a lovely piece, congrats to the very lucky Sherry Lee!
    Thank you, Kecia, for this generous draw!

  2. What a wonderful piece and for such a great cause. Congratulations to the winner, lucky girl. And the other pieces that you've posted here are terrific! The necklaces remind me of charm braces but with a modern edge. Very cool. And what a great idea - incorporating Valentine's Day card images into pendants.

    PS: I'm a NJ blogger, too!

  3. Kecia....I didn't peek, I promise...I said I wouldn't and I didn't...but the beautiful necklace is now here and it's around my neck as I type and I just head over heels, over the moon about it. I love it -- I gave you the word "grace" and you created something even more than I could have imagined.

    I chose "grace" for a few reasons. One because it is a word that resonates within me and I try to live my life with grace. But also because of what you did in honour of those of us who bid on Deryn's necklace. That was grace personified!! xoxox

    You rock my friend, you really do!!


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