Friday, January 29, 2010


(photo by Jenny Doh)

One of the days that i was at CHA and was walking around by myself, i ran into Jenny Doh, who is the current editor for Somerset Magazines, but is leaving them soon to start her own company called Crescendoh.

I hadn't met her before, but introduced myself, since we are "facebook friends". I have been told before what a lovely speaker she was and i would have to agree. i enjoyed our little chat and she was very complimentary about my unique style and jewelry. her campaign for Crescendoh is how "Art Saves" and i briefly told her how art has definitely saved me. I'd have to say running into her was one of the highlights of my trip. i will post my own pic of us when i get home.

you can also read more about Crescendoh on Jenny Doh's blog.


  1. That is awesome! Would have love to have met her as well! Glad to hear you have had such a fantastic trip!

  2. go you! i was the ONLY person at CHA who didn't meet her!!! LOL

  3. You look adorable... !!!!! God bless your energy Keica you are always on the move... xoox laura

  4. That is an absolutley adorable photo of you- I just love it!!!!!


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