Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jewelry class sat. Jan . 16th & bottle class sun. Jan. 17th

On Saturday, January 16th, i will be teaching a basics jewelry class here at my house. we will learn wire wrapping and bringing found objects together to create a necklace. what is a found object? found objects are objects you have lying about or things you find at a flea market, etc. and then using them in different ways. you probably have stuff sitting in your jewelry box that might be broken or you don't wear any more or something your grandmother gave you, but your not sure how to wear it, etc. these are items that we can play around with and then turn them into an everyday piece of jewelry. we will also trouble shoot issues that come up when working with different types of items. email me at keeshagirl4@aol.com if you are interested and i will give you all the details.

and on Sunday, January 17th, i will be teaching a class on altering bottles. we will learn the trick to adding objects to the top of our bottles and more! contact me at keeshagirl4@aol.com for more details.


  1. what beautiful pieces! i hope you have fun teaching your classes.

  2. Great Job on the pics for class! They look great!!

  3. gorgeous!!! is the house next door to you empty so I can move in and feed off your creativity??

  4. Hi, well be sensible, well-all described


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