Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Disinegration project

Seth Apter, from The Altered Page, is doing a project involving nature and paper. the project involves taking paper of some sort and leaving outside for a length of time to see how it changes from the elements. i created a pretty little paper and fiber collage and hung it from some rusty wire (first photo) and then wrapped it in some cheesecloth and hung it outside (2nd photo). i added diamond glaze over the focal image as i decided i'd like that to remain intact (if possible!). the rest i will leave up to mother nature to see what happens. i have a little problem with worrying about pretty things getting ruined - so this was also an exercise in "letting go" - this is why i decided to create something pretty and then leave it outside - a risk, i know! what will happen to it? will it get ruined? we shall see. i'm leaning towards it still looking really cool when i finally bring it in. we get lots of rain here, ocean air, high winds, occasional snow. maybe it will blow into the mud and i won't notice it for days. stay tuned...............


  1. I stumbled onto your blog today. What a beautiful place to visist. I will be back soon.

  2. Very interesting project. Letting go is good and this is a very good excersise in doing just that...I will stay tuuned! And your art piece is so lovely

  3. So glad you have decided to participate Kecia and use this project as a means of "letting go." My bet is that this piece will look even better on May 1!

  4. Hi, Kecia. I love your experiment. Letting go is a particulary challenging lesson for me to learn.

    I have occasionally buried dolls for a few months, to let them get very grungy and old looking. But I feel so terrible, like I am burying a sweet little friend!

    On a different subject, thank you very much for the photo of Sam the Koala. I posted it on my blog, too - with a thanks and a link to you, of course!

  5. Yaah Kecia - can't wait to se what happens.

  6. This is a Very pretty packet! Will Mother Nature make it prettier?


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