Wednesday, February 11, 2009

have you seen this photo? although the circumstances are horrible, the picture makes me really proud of that firefighter for his compassion. look at him holding the koala's paw. the interviewed firefighter said the koala bear just stopped when he saw the man and kept reaching out for the water bottle to drink more. the poor little bear had scorched paws. such devastation, these fires.


  1. when we had our house fire back in 2000, the firefighters rescued our cat and our guinea pig (the dog ran out with me) our cat needed to be put on oxygen by the squad but she lived! The guinea pig went smoke blind and grew cataracts, but both the cat and the guinea pig lived for years after the fire.

    as rough as a lot of firefighters can be on the outside, when it comes down to it most of them are really amazing people. My hubby carried an 85lb great dane out of an apartment fire a few years ago, the thing was bigger than most people in length lol!

  2. Oh, I just want to cry when I see this photo, but just love how the man is helping that precious bear! I hope this devastation is over soon.

    I have a friend, Keron Lee (from Australia), who has started an on-line mission (with the encouragement of Stephanie Lee) called LOVE IT FORWARD, and if you'd like info. on it let me know :)


  3. It is amazing when humans and animals connect. this picture is incredible although under sad circumstances. It is nice to see compassionate people during stressful times. I have a soft spot for fire fighters, my grandfather was one.

  4. that photo just breaks my heart...poor koala. Yes, very good of him to stop to help him but it makes me so sad that they're so helpless in this situation.

  5. He just won an award for helping the Koala who is doing fine now.


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