Sunday, February 1, 2009

funny story

i might have blogged about this before, but i really can't remember and it is too cute not to post about in case i didn't already!

this is Harry, our neighbors dog. Harry went "missing" one day. my neighbor asked if i had seen him and said, i saw him about 15 minutes ago in your backyard. she said,yeah, i know he was out there, but now he's gone. so we gathered all the troops and started looking for him. jeff headed over to the new neighborhood, while my mom went out front with the neighbor. i headed to the back as i was a tad suspicious that he'd just been in their backyard. i'd thought i'd check the back field too. well as i headed back that way, i walked by the side of their yard where they installed a little fence between our yard and theirs. well, who did i find in the fence, but a terribly stuck Harry! looks like Harry was trying to escape, but sort of ran into trouble along the way! i'm sorry, but i couldn't resist snapping these pics before we got him out!


  1. Aww!! His little back trying to escape does look hilarious! How cute :-)
    By the way I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new banner and blog look :-)

  2. This is just too cute!

    I love the new blog look. Lovely job.

  3. that definitely is cute! poor thing.. has he tried to escape again?

  4. Love the new look and the pics of hapless Harry are hilarious. (I would have snapped a few shots too.)

  5. HI Kecia,
    I love the new look of your blog!
    And the Puppy pictures are
    just precious!


  6. I remember that story and those oh so funny pics ! Even his back end is sweet lol !

    Congratulations on your new blog 'do', really really lovely !

  7. Hi Kecia!

    I really like your new site - and it's fun to change things out. One of these days I'll learn how to upload pictures, myself. In the meantime, I can enjoy yours. Thanks for the wire wrapping site -that will be lots of fun to explore. Laurel is arriving here on Thursday and Melissa is flying in from Portland on Friday. The workshop is a "go" and I have 8 friends signed up - yippee! I wish you could be here, too...


  8. By the way, I absolutely LOVED Jennifer Hudson's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. It actually gave me chills; I've never, ever, heard it sung with such passion. I watched her face just before she started and she took a deep breath and went for it. God bless her!

  9. at least he was safe and you found him. What a funny photo!!


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