Friday, September 26, 2008

my weekend

here's what i am doing: me and dillon are in Bloomsbury, NJ this weekend where i am in a 2 day art festival. it rained hard last night and was drizzly today as we set up my booth structure. i have a canopy tent, but don't have any of the sides that you can add to them, so unless the weather cooperates............... so far tonight there has been no more rain. please hope for the best! i was getting really frustrated as i set up my booth with the weather and thinking to myself "this is the last show i do". they are so much work and unfortunately often times, really don't generate that much income; especially right now with the economy so tight. but as usual, i will hope the for the best. i've worked hard and some day that will pay off, right? i have to describe the show setting to you because it is really cute. it is being hosted by the middle school as a fundraiser. the school is at the end of a very long residential road, Main Street. So Main Street has been blocked off and the show will take place right along this road in front of all these houses. we were setting up in front of these 2 houses and one of the neighbors came out and actually thanked us for being there and supporting the cause. then she gave us candy bars. i was a little taken back as i often find that New Jersians aren't not the most friendliest people. so i was surprised by this community support. after setting up my booth (i will do displaying in the morning after i see the weather conditions), dillon and i headed over to our B&B, a few towns over. it is the cutest place, called "Chestnut on the hill". can't show photos since i didn't bring my little gadget to import photos into my laptop. but trust me, it is great. dillon and i are on the 3rd floor, called "Teddies Place". i am in one room dillon is across the hall in his own room. the house is old and beautiful. she has a cabinet lined with old bottles, pharmacy tins and other "stuff" that we would find interesting that her husband found on the river bank when he starting digging out the earth there to create stairs leading to the water. apparently back then, they just tossed this stuff right into the river (Delaware). anyway, back to our rooms, the stairs leading up here are REALLY steep. dillon thought they were awesome and i wondered how the heck i would get up them with all my crap without falling! but since the house is so old, let's call them charming! however, if someone had bad knees, forget about it! there's even a rope tethered to the stairwell to hold onto on your way down. so dillon and i were joking that if someone was tipsy they'd be in trouble with those steps. we laughed and said that'd be funny to watch (well, we have a sick sense of humor, what can i say?) then we started down the other set of steps and dillon catches his foot on the step and almost toppled me right over! guess that's what we get. i am enjoying my time with my son. we had a nice dinner at an English pub (on our walk over to the restaurant we got to see a guy getting arrested and then resisting arrest! he totally got wrestled to the ground and put into a choke hold until he settled down. dillon was texting all his friends about the excitement) and i had a wonderful scallop dinner. i am so full right now, i feel sick. it is only 7:30 and i am ready for bed. i took a nice hot shower and am now relaxing. i slept horrible last night - i had one of those nights were you are kind of sleeping and kind of awake; that is why i am so friggin tired right now. only a few days after i get home from this show and i am leaving for artnsoul. i think i have just about everything together. i weighed my suitcase and i am at 37 pounds (alloted 50) - so i am doing good. i just have to take my car in and have the ac compressor fixed and also have them address this leak in the back of my car that just started last night. huge pool of water in the back of my car (and the car is only 2 years old!) you could see where it was leaking from the top of the car and when i pressed on the spot, more water dripped down. all my cd's were soaking wet (yeah, one of those huge cd album holders).
Oh - how could i forget to tell you? my collaged handbags were picked for submission into "Altered Couture" and will appear in the Feb. issue. now i just need to write an accompanied article (and i'll do that when?) i was also asked by a woman where i take some of my clothes in for consignment if i would make a soldered charm bracelet and then she would use it to advertise for me and hand out my cards. the bracelet turned out really cute, so i will get that dropped off to her monday or tues. lots of things cookin!


  1. Congratulations on the Altered Couture success! I predict this to be the first of many - Way to go, Kecia!

  2. Of course your purses will be in Altered Couture! I hope the weather improved for you.


  3. I wish I could be there to hold an umbrella over your booth, if needed. Instead, I just listened to Over the Rainbow and took that as a good omen. See you next week in Portland. And, congratulations on the Altered Couture inclusion!

  4. love to watch you climb the ladder of success and have fun doing it - yes, lots of hard work too - glad you and dillon are enjoying yourselves together! you'll have to keep me posted on the february issue!!!!! congrats! love, mom

  5. Yay! You are so busy- I hope you have great success!

  6. Yay! Congrats on getting into Altered Couture - that is so super amazing exciting!


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