Friday, September 19, 2008

my gift from jeff - we found it at the flea market. we couldn't believe the price we got on it!


from my mom - a really nice, cozy warm zippered hoodie. i wore it today since it was cold and windy!


from my dad - isn't he cute? he sends me a check every year to correspond with my age


from my friend Joanne (happy b-day to you too!) a little fabric bird


from my sweet friend, Sammy, this darling crayon covered bird house. sammy hasn't been feeling too well, lately and the thought of her making this for me while she wasn't feel her best made me a little teary. so sweet and i am so grateful for her kindness. dillon even took a pic of it on his camera phone so that he could show his friends. he thought it was really cool.


from my friend, Allegra, how pretty is this necklace? i love the amber color she used and that it says "Queen Bee", as it should! i get to see Allegra really soon at Artnsoul and we have even planned a date to go to my favorite antique store in Camas (and she's bringing "Beloved" too!) i'm wearing it to dinner tonight.

and finally, this lovely bracelet arrived yesterday from my friend, Cindy. i just love Cindy's things, right up my alley, vintage mixed with romance is how i view them. Cindy is teaching in Cali at the end of October and i will get to learn this cool technique that she does with her sterling spoons. i'm very excited to finally meet her in person and take her classes. can't wait. Cindy knows that green is my favorite color and that i love birds. see how she incorporated those little things? i love how dainty my name looks stamped on the back along with her initials.


so i wanted to say thank you everyone for thinking of me and making me feel so special on my birthday.

congratulations to Tami Roth of Cat Tales, she won my little birthday giveaway, which is this little mirror compact that i altered.


  1. Some awesome birthday items, and your dad is too cute! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. THANK YOU so much, Kecia, and many happy birthday wishes to you!!!

  3. K-Congratulations on your birthday present. My dad did the same thing-I got my last check on June 18 of this year $55-he died on June 25. I will always treasure that memory. You might want to cover up the account and bank routing number-most bloggers are wonderful-but there is the occasional thug out there.
    Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday dear Kecia...Happy birthday to you!
    Looks like you had a great birthday. Wear the necklace Allegra made you to Art and Soul so we all can see it.
    It's be-you-tee-ful!
    xoxo Pam K.

  5. Well Happy Birthday! Lucky year for you, double 4's.. Beautiful goodies you got too.. Enjoy your year, Jamie

  6. thanks for you comment:) and I forgot to say happy birthday!!

  7. Hope you had a happy Birthday...
    I'll see you at Art-is-You...
    Can't wait..I'm a Virgin at

  8. Happy Birthday to you♪♫♪
    You sure did hit the jackpot! I love the wonderfully thoughtful things you recieved!
    I'm getting caught up on my craziness and hopefully in a couple more weeks I'll be ready for our swap!

  9. Oh Kecia...belated happy birthday wishes to you!!!!!! It looks like you had a wonderful one!
    I love all the kewl birthday treats too!!!!!
    Miss you.



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