Tuesday, September 30, 2008

leaving, on a jet plane

****the last rose from my garden '08*****

So i'm leaving tomorrow for Portland. i think i have everything ready to go. i've spent the last 2 days running last minute errands, getting things done (like getting the compressor in the car fixed, banking, filling out some paperwork for tucker, organizing Kirby's meds and food). i even managed to make a soldered bracelet and create a display for it and run it over to this store in Manasquan. The owner had seen one of my necklaces and asked if i'd make a sample for her to show her customers to see if she could get orders for me. we decided that i would make her something "if" i got a sale out of it. she also wants me to make some ornaments and some charms based on Manasquan, which is old Jersey shore town. those i'll work on when i get home. i should have taken a pic of the bracelet/display as it was really cool. her shop is really nice- it's a consigment shop and i met her when i brought some of my clothes in there for resale (and i've already sold some things, yay). tonight i treated myself to a pedicure as my feet needed one. i had to wait though until my foot healed from when i dropped that shutter on it. my luggage suitcase was stressing me out, so i decided to pack 2 suitcases and just pay to check the 2nd one. i had a carry on and it was so heavy with everything that i couldn't fit in the first suitcase that i was wondering how in the heck i would lift it to put it in the overhead bin.i feel better that i can just check the stuff and get on with just my purse and laptop. i will arrive around noon ish and then don't have a class til 6, so after checking into the hotel, i can chill or walk around and visit with people. and of course, you know i'll be taking plenty of photos to share of my time. i wonder who the first familiar face will be.


just a random shot of me and kirby enjoying a sunny afternoon in the backyard


a surprise gift arrived from my friend, Cheryl Strait. how cool is this? i took her class at Beadfest and we became fast friends. what's cool about this, is since i took her class, i know all the hard work and cutting that went into making this - and i have to totally appreciate that! i will be sporting it at Artnsoul for sure. i'll be seeing her in Connecticut at "Art is" after i return from Artnsoul.



  1. oh kecia, i adore that shot of you and kirby..so much i might just have to frame it...and your surprise gift is darling....safe flight to you...xoxox

  2. What a beautiful pic of the rose....and a wonderful shot of you and Kirby!!!
    I love the gift you got...I, too, can appreciate the tediousness of cutting metal like that!
    Have a safe flight and a wonderful time!!!!!!!

  3. Enjoy! Your photos, as always, are wonderful.


  4. You sure get around dont you! how nice that you get to go to these art shows/workshops! I wish they had stuff like that near me!
    hope you have a great time!


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