Saturday, September 20, 2008

birthday cont'd

dinner at Osaka's, hibachi style dining.


Samantha gave me these flowers that she paid for herself. aren't they beautiful? i was really touched that she did this on her own.


my friend, Jean, sent me this robin's nest from her yard. i love it.


Dillon's friend, Jimmy, brought me 2 nests and a heart shaped rock on my birthday! i think Jimmy is the child i gave up at birth! (kidding....)

a print from my friend, Sara. isn't it the coolest?


well i was lucky enough to get to celebrate my birthday 2 days in a row! last night i had dinner over at my friend, Mary Ellen's house. it was a nice time, thanks MaryEllen and make sure i get an invite to that party we were talking about!

tonight me, jeff, dillon and Samantha went out to dinner for my official birthday dinner. We went to Osaka's, hibachi style dining. it was fun with much laughter. i'm just a little bummed though, because dillon and samantha broke up and i think dillon might be getting back together with abby. i really like samantha, i think she is the girl for him..... after dinner we stopped by Baskin & Robbins for my favorite double scoop of mocha almond fudge and mint chocolate chip. yummy! here's some more pictures to enjoy....
tomorrow i wil post the rest of my birthday flea market jaunt presents.


  1. What a birthday celebration!!!
    I went to garage sales today and scored a few packages of clay doll arms and legs - each one only $1. Of course, I'm not sure what I will do with these, but I HAD to have them... Kecia - you look adorable in the picture and you are beaming happily. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person. And, I have a birthday gift for you - something I've had and you are just the right person to give it to! But - you'll have to wait until Art and Soul! On a sad note, the CandyStick Ice Cream store burned down a few days ago in Ferndale. I'm not sure if you remember it or not - right on Main Street. It was my "secret place" to go for chocolate ice cream sodas. I will miss it. The lady who owned it would start making the soda when I walked in the door (I really didn't go THAT often, but she always remembered). How is Kirby doing? I passed a street in Eureka named Kirby today - and there is one close to my daughter's house in Champaign, Illinois - both of those made me think of your Kirby.

  2. Great photos and great way of sharing with us, the ones far away.
    I am truly happy you had a great birthday.

    Now go and tell Dillon that I said that he should stay put and mind his ps and qs and not to go anywhere away from Samantha. I totally agree with you, she is the right girl for him and he will be making a big mistake if he goes wondering, particularly in the direction you think he may.

    Samantha is adorable, thoughtful and pretty. He will be sorry if he doesn't listen to his mother and to his mother's friend ;-)

    As I said, we are both delighted you had a good time and looking forward to seeing you in October.

  3. Oh, Happy Belated Birthday Kecia!!! Looks like you had a lovely celebration! Enjoy the upcoming art retreats and classes!!! Always look forward to what you learn and how you make it your own!!!-Sandra

  4. looks like a wonderful time you had..we are having tacos in honor of you tonight!!! xox

  5. Again, Happy Birthday! You are fabulous!!!

  6. Happy birthday! I'm not writing *belated*, because when it's MY birthday I always celebrate the entire MONTH! Hopefully, you'll do the same *hee hee*.

    Sure looks like you've been celebrating up a storm! Good going there girl *smiles*.

  7. Happy late Birthday Kecia!!!,

    Look forward to seeing you again in a week or so.
    Are you taking from Misty this time??

    Have a nice trip out here.

  8. Yay!! Double the fun happy happy birthday! Glad to hear it was a great birthday weekend.
    And I totally have to comment on just how cool your collaged stairs are!


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