Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Power tools!

yesterday at Lowe's i picked up a drill press for $99 (brand name is "Task Force"). jeff put it together today and then we had shop class on learning how to use it. pretty easy to use and it drills holes in seconds! going to save so much work by not having to drill things by hand. Now i just have to find some way to make it a little more girlie looking!


  1. girl you are so funny!!!
    i am at work that is why i havent called you back...you will have the best drilled holes ever!!!

  2. Mmmmm.. maybe a bit of pink glitter on it somewhere or wrap the cord in girlie fabric!!!LOL

  3. There will be no stopping you now!


  4. Wow!! You look so professional standing there!!Girlie girl meets tool man... I think it's a good look. Just stick a floer on it and call it 'blended"!
    Can't wait to see what you do with it! Debra

  5. Wow, power tools...don;t you just love em!!! I bought a new corless drill from the Task Force clearance items!! A little glitter never hurts anything, but what if you added chandalier prisms to it!!!! I have not doubt you will customize it and make it yours!! -sandra

  6. Hey there ! Those drill presses are GREAT !!! We have one in the shed, kinda sucks having to go out of the house for it but it doesn't matter once those holes are drilled and take only a couple minutes to do them woohoo ! Love the girly clothes you're wearing, makes the press look stylish and kinda glam too.

    I'm slowly getting back into things, have begun to post some of my fav. things again too.

    Keep in touch !

  7. whoa! that looks like a serious piece of machinery! Like the new haircut!


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