Thursday, May 22, 2008

new hair cut, darker base color with highlights - needed a change!

finally finished my "girls got goth" necklace that i started in Sally Jean's class in Hampton. it's pretty cool. that is a mini harmonica hanging at the bottom and it actually works.

this is a pendant that i made for a nice woman i met at the bagel shop. she saw a piece i was wearing and asked for my card and then contacted me to make her one like it. it's on a metal base (more of the baling wire found in the back field). i drilled holes in it and added a vintage light bulb, some wire work with beading. she's stopping by to pick it up today.


  1. Your necklace from Sally's class turned out great Kecia! I LoVe iT!

  2. Congrats on the super cute new haircut and a super burly cool new drill press! Happy spring =)

  3. I LOVE your jewelry girl! How lucky that you got to meet Sally. You are too cute!


  4. The hair cut is adorable. The Goth necklace is extremely cool. The lady is going to love her necklace.


  5. sweet hair cut cutie! and love the artwork!!
    have a great holiday weekend!

  6. Great Job Kecia! Love the necklace you did in Sally Jeans Class. I loved that class when I took it!

  7. well, this is a beautiful post, beautiful hair, beautiful goth girl and beautiful new necklace..have a great weekend, sweet one!!

  8. Hi! All of your necklaces look great, Keesha! I especially LOVE the grunge necklace you made in Sally Jean's class. Fabulous.

    And I LOVE your hair! It's darling and the shorter length makes you look younger:) I really like all you've done to it.

    Hope you're having a great day!!! xoxo, Jan

  9. I love my new necklace...showed it off to everyone this holiday weekend. I wish I could have recorded the comments for you -- "is that a transitor??!"
    Believe in your talent. Thank you again, Maryellen


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