Sunday, May 25, 2008

hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend. it is sunny and warm here in NJ. No dark skies, cold winds or rain - thank goodness! jeff and i did the flea market again this morning and then went to breakfast at a new place that a friend of his opened. it is a retro joint, sort of 50's/malt shop flair. it was cute. great family place and the young teens will probably really like it. a couple of weeks ago, i posted a picture of the pigeon nesting on my MIL's porch. well, here are the 2 babies! they were getting flying lessons today. how cute are they? they really weren't very afraid of us. they just stayed on the porch while their parents were off doing who knows what! we had stopped by in our jeff's caddy and picked up janet, (MIL) and took a ride down to the beach to get a slice of GeeGee's pizza. yum! summer time is here when you can get a slice of pie from GeeGee's. I rode in the back of the caddy with Tucker who was all bundled up against the wind! he loves going for rides and enjoys the sunshine on his face. it is the first time he's really been outside (beside getting on and off the school bus) in a few months due to the bad allergy season here. he has a tough time with them, but i think we are just about done with them!
oh p.s. i found the charms. as soon as i stopped looking for them and sat down to work on another project, i got into these little drawers where i keep small charms and there they were. i think i had pulled the drawer out onto my table and was looking through it. then i came by later and tossed the charms on the table/in the drawer and then later came by and clean up and put the drawer back forgetting they were in there (or if i even realized i had tossed them in there).


  1. Lucky those charms turned up. Isn't it always the way when you stop looking they turn up.
    Sounds like a great day for you all.

  2. Glad you had a good day, found the charms, enjoyed some good weather and got out for some fun.


  3. darling babies (?) probably fledged by now! mom


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