Thursday, March 6, 2008

i call her Lady Garish

i call her Lady Garish, originally uploaded by keeshagirl4.

this is on the cover of a journal i altered today. i feel bad, no matter what i did to her, she remains so unattractive! "handsome" is what my husband calls her!


  1. I really am fascinated by the icon work you are doing!
    And writing about not liking your own handwriting strikes a chord with me fer sure!
    I am never happy with any drawing or writing I do,
    But you have inspired me to try an icon. After all, if the result is awful, no-one has to see it but me, right?

  2. well, she is rather handsome, lol, i would cut some eyes off another model and put over her eyes...
    i love your icon, they are brilliant!!


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