Wednesday, August 22, 2007

tim holtz weekend, continued

the weekend was very organized. tim's assistant, mario, was meticulous about organizing all our supplies, drilling holes when needed, handing out glue, paper towels, whatever we needed. women, in general, are demanding. now add women who are crafting and you are running back and forth! those 2 have a lot of patience! each class kit contained a goodie bag full of wonderful ephemera, vintage items (like faucets, jacks, light bulbs, etc.) - just fun stuff! they also had a little store in the back with mario as the proprietor, where you could purchase some of these fabulous items (and of course i did!). tim is also very good with tips and has found lots of clever ways to do things easy. i'm a big tip person (like at my hotel, in the morning at breakfast, i found myself handing out "tips" to make things easy. 2 older gentlemen wanted to take some hard boiled eggs, but didn't want them rolling around on their plate and falling off, so i piped in, put a napkin under the egg and then it won't roll. well, they looked at me like i was the most cleveriest person in the world!) those are some of the types of clever, but simple tips tim always had for you.

after each morning class, we would all take our things and our chairs and go outside to have a pre-ordered lunch while tim and crew set up for the next class. as soon as we were done eating though, it was back into the store to shop!

kate and her staff had an awesome system for helping us shop and to keep it organized. during each class, if tim discussed an item we wanted to purchase, all we had to do was hold up our pre-assigned # and someone from the store would put it on your account. same thing while shopping. you carried around a basket, then gave it to a clerk with your # and they entered it into the system. at the end of the night you just had to pay and viola - you were done! i never waited in line more than 5 minutes; and you have to consider that the store was PACKED with Tim Holtz crazed women!


  1. All your photos are wonderful. It's clear you had a great time. What a fun trip it muxt have been.

  2. Great pictures of your classes with Tim. Looks like they were fun fun projects.
    Melissa M

  3. I have checked back lots lately just waiting to hear about your classes. The materials look so fun, and the projects turned out fantastic!!! So glad you were able to go...i am living vicariously thru your pics of the class!! -Sandra Feazel

  4. Oh my gosh, Tim is the absolute best. His classes are so organized and I loved the fact that he supplies ABSOLUTELY everything! [he did when he was here in BC anyway...assume he still does]

    And Mario...what a sweetie!

    Looks like you had a wonderful time in his classes and your projects look amazing!

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Kecia and thanks for your comments. No, I haven't taken a class with Claudine. Just me playin' around.


  6. Wow!!! what an amazingly organized event!! I am in awe. Your photos are so fun and it looks like everyone had a great time. Great Post!!!

    Best ~ Rella

  7. Thanks for the link to your blog !

    I always wondered what a Tim Holtz workshop would be like and it looks like they are pretty good

    Love the hand assemblage piece.

    Off to look around your blog some more.


    ps I did an Alaska cruise too !

  8. Blowing a big raspberry because I'm jealous :P LOL ! I think I've said it before but I've really got to start searching around for classes like this, none in Victoria that's for sure :( Maybe Vancouver has some hiding somewhere or even Portland ? Oh well, those classes sure look like fun and you sure look so happy :)

  9. Kecia! I am completely and utterly pea-green with envy! A weekend with Tim Holtz???!!! Man, you are one lucky girl...and those projects look devine.

  10. Awesome pictures! Thank you so much for sharing, you clever girl, you! :-)


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