Thursday, August 30, 2007

more show goodies

these are what i am calling my "Cworky" dolls. i made them from wine corks, bottle caps, stick pins and beads. the items in the first picture (red box) are my "pixie preserves". i'll take a close up picture of them later.


  1. Love your creative spirit!
    Nice blog!

  2. love the cworky dolls!!!!

  3. Those are so cute! Looks like too much fun to make.

  4. Such cute Cworky dolls. Very creative. Is that an Ikea bag I saw in one of your photos. Great store.

  5. Wonderful wonderful wonderful ! You know you're going to have to take a picture of your booth ( and I'm writing this on the day of your show lol ! ).

    Love the Cworky dolls very sweet.

    I've done two craft shows in the past and wow, just creating took up so much of my time. The setup had to be perfect and done in a way so your items looked great, were touchable and didn't fall down !

    I wish you much success and look forward to your next blogging :)

  6. Hey, I know you're probably on your way home from the show about now and I want you to know that even though it is my birthday, I have spent all day thinking about you and the craft show!!
    AND, I blogged your fabulous b'day present while I was thinking of you....that'll give you something nice to look at when you get home:)
    My Cworky doll, Oliver, (I decided it was a boy....)is sitting right here watching me 'work'! LOL


  7. I have you as a fove in etsy so I thought I's check out your blog. Glad I did!

  8. the "cworky doll" are inspirational!
    who would have thought you could make something so great out of such humble materials

    they look like something that would sell in castle in the air


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