Friday, August 24, 2007

how cute is this?

well, i finally finished working on this. i started with a chintz salad plate and then glued a nest dipped in glitter (on the bottom) down onto the plate. next i took an egg i had saved (and cleaned!) and then stained it with various colors of distress ink. i then sprayed the inside of the egg with color mists as it was too white for me. then i added the little girl that i glued onto some chipboard. i colored her dress in a light pink and added tiny dots. then i added the little bird to her arm. the nest contains feathers and tiny sticks from my yard. finally i added the dome which is from a cheese plate that i got at the thrift store. i finished off with some vintage ribbon. ok, will have to post pictures later when blogger is cooperating. until then go see the "dome nest" on flickr at

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