Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mr husband

tonight jeff made a little comment about how i never mention him on my blog (do husbands want to be on their wives blogs?) anyway, i decided to sneak out while he was hanging lights up on the camper to show him working hard.


  1. Hi Jeff!!! Nice to see you here!! husband has never mentioned wanting to be on my blog...mostly he and the boys make fun of my "blog", but in a very nice way!! So I hope Jeff doesn't feel left out or like he's the only husband not talked about in bloggerville!!! :)

  2. well, theres a red X on the picture box and no picture. Its probably good to mention them once in a while. I think they do feel a bit left out of blogland. lol

  3. Awww...they are nice to have around!

  4. Hi Jeff! Glad to see you in one of your wife's posts!

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  5. Yes, sometimes those men do want some attention....even if it is in a blog post. :) For some reason the pic isn't loading though.

    Hi to all the family....Jeff, Dillon, Ant and of course all the furry and winged things!! :)


  6. Geeze!!!! Tucker too!!! I got so caught up in making sure I remembered Ant that I forgot Tuck!!! Special kisses to Tucker!

  7. it is the same with me, nothing but a little box with an x in it. in fact, many of the pics are like that. the one of the front porch, box w/ x...
    but i saw your posting of the porch and yard over at gypsy's....phenomenal!!!

  8. This is the first for me to visit your blog and it is due to Porch of the Month over at Gypsy's. I know the idea was for the 'porch' to be displayed, but yours was beyond, sharing the gardens.... a special treat! It looks great! Thanks for sharing it all.
    ps I only see a box w/ an x in it for some of your pics too. : /
    and ps #2, from your profule I never knew you were married...but glad that you are and that he is a help to you. They can be great!!!


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