Tuesday, August 2, 2011

almost home

we left Maine yesterday. we spent the night in Connecticut since i couldnt drive a minute more. at the moment, we are currently broke down off the Garden State Parkway within an hour of home.

i was motoring along and i started getting vibes about the car. it felt strange, so i got in the slow lane and slowed down. then the steering wheel locked up, fluid starting flying and the engine started steaming. luckily we were very close to a rest stop. i feel very fortunate as worse things could have happened.

gotta go, tow truck is here!


update: we are home safe and sound. truck is on its way to my mechanic. some good Samaritans took a look at my car while waiting for the tow truck and they both guessed that the water pump broke. the fluid leaking all over was coolant.


in other news:

My article for Wild Sister Magazine is out! Wild Sister is a new online magazine, created to empower women. This is their 2nd issue.

"Created and written by artists, poets, travelers, coaches, muses and bloggers; each issue breathes love, truth, wisdom, inspiration and empowerment into the lives of women everywhere".

To purchase your online copy ($5), go HERE. Let them know that kecia deveney directed you to their magazine, as I will receive credits for my readers. (thanks) My article is on page 28, it is just one of many wonderful contributions. A few of you have already contacted me about my article. As usual, I appreciate the support and feedback!

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  1. Someone is watching over you...I'm glad you were able to get off the road and no one was hurt. xo


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