Monday, August 29, 2011

more painting

ever since Pam was here, I've been really practicing my painting techniques that she taught. it's been fun to explore using them in my own way. this was a page in my journal that i had started out by with some spray painting (did that a few weeks ago).

randomly i painted in a face and as i was painting the white in, i felt the stuff around her face looked like hair, so i just incorporated it instead of painting in hair. to me, the orange blob on her blouse looked like a koi , so that is why a random koi fish is swimming across the page!

Irene has come and gone with minimal damage. we were very very lucky as we didn't even lose our power (we are usually the first to go!) I am so grateful for that because Tucker requires suctioning and we just don't want to not have power, ya know? someone was watching over us for sure.


  1. I love how you let the spray paint guide you as you created...the hair is great and the koi just fits in so perfectly. Glad that Irene didn't do much damage to you and that you kept your power...someone was watching over all of you and that's a very good feeling!

  2. I"m glad to hear everything went relatively smoothly for you!
    Love the way you incorporated the background into your painting! I actually saw another koi than what you worked with. More to the lower right, below the yellow, I see a koi's eye... ; )

  3. I was thinking about you and hoping you were not getting hit to hard by Irene! I'm glad she didnt make life difficult for you!
    great art! I love the koi simming across the page!

  4. This is really cool! So glad that you survived Irene alright, too. :)


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