Sunday, July 24, 2011

kitty friend

So how are you surviving the heat? it's been brutal, let me tell you. During the heat wave, a kitty showed up at my back door and began hanging around. We've been feeding "kitty friend", who is very sweet. The heat was concerning with this little guy, but i was at a loss of what more i could do since my dogs kept chasing him and my other kitty and him got into a fight. So i had to let it go and do the best i could and that was offer food and water and some quality petting. I suspected he might belong to someone, so after a few days i set out to the new neighborhood to inquire.

Sure enough, he does have owners and apparently he had run away. His name is Jude and he is a bit of a wanderer. He doesn't like their dog, a sweet golden retriever, but she is young and barks ALOT. Plus they have 5 children, so i think its a little, um, hectic, over there. i think he likes the quiet of my backyard. So anyway, last night i scooped him up when he made his evening appearance and made a show about returning the missing kitty. i was so happy to be returning a missing pet. however, he was very tense in my arms the whole entire walk over and i sort of got the feeling that he wasn't all that keen on returning home. I wished him well with a wink and said, "i'll be seeing you".

So this morning, early, i am outside watering after my walk and who comes sauntering up, but kitty friend. hmm, what a surprise! i think he has chosen where he prefers to be. but maybe i am just one stop out of many as he makes his way around the hood, sort of like, "Six dinner Sid".


  1. I am a firm believer that animals sense when they are welcome and are in a loving environment. It makes sens to me that this kitty found you and decided to become "a regular"! xo

  2. We have been having all sorts of drama with a little feral kitten. We keep hoping to get close enough to catch him/her but we are not quite there yet. it keeps coming back though so we can only hope. Enjoy your new sweet friend. . .

  3. You should feel honored that he picked you. Cats know a kind soul when they see one. Our kitty Moses was a feral Tom who I found looking in from outside with this sad look of longing. The rest they say is history. He has an enlarged heart from feral living I'm sure, so our time is limited. Cats can give you so much love. I hope you reconsider keeping him. If not maybe a new home with someone with less drama! xo-cindy


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