Sunday, August 8, 2010

images for Sunday

I'm doing Jill's rosette swap, so i have been practicing making some and getting my style and flair down before deciding which one will go off to my swap partner. I always worry that i will end up picking a color that they aren't fond of, so i guess i'll make a few more neutral tone ones as well. if you were my swap partner, which one grabs your attention first?


more images from the garden to enjoy:

do you know what this interesting creature is? it is a hummingbird moth. this is only the 3rd time i've ever seen one. i think they are cool and they do look like tiny hummingbirds at first.


this is the inside of a gigantic hibiscus


and a lovely Monarch stopped by to feed on some juicy nectar from a butterfly bush


Happy Sunday! I am off to pick up my flea market cowboy boots from the shoe repair place. they needed to be resoled. i'll be taking them off to Maine in a few days as Dillon and i head up to teach at Art in the Rough.


  1. Love the photo of the hummingbird moth. I've never seen glad I saw this picture. We have a hummingbird that stops by and feeds on the petunias, that are in a hanging basket outside my office window at the store.....what a beautiful creature!

  2. You photo stying is just breathtaking!! Love all of the little creatures that you capture...your little enchanted world just sparks creativity!! You are going to have one very happy swap partner no matter which rosette you choose to send...they are all lovely!!
    Happy Sunday xOxO

  3. my girlfriend just posted a picture of one on fb that she just saw in her garden after reading my post. maybe it was my guy and he made his way to her garden after visiting.

  4. Gorgeous post, Kecia! I absolutely love that butterfly pic...and the hummingbird moth - I've never heard of such a creature! All of your rosettes are lovely, but the deep pink one caught my eye first (having said that, if I were your swap partner, I would like any x)

  5. I'm swapping, too, and I am SO jealous of whoever gets a rosette from you! They're all really beautiful, shabby chic ~ my favorite kind! I'd better get to working on mine!

  6. The rosettes are GORGEOUS ... I KNOW your partner's gonna be happy!!

    Too weird ... we had a party yesterday and there was a hummingbird moth on my butterfly tree as well!! My friend snapped a pic ... wonder if it was the same one you saw, lol!

    have a safe and fun trip!

  7. All these pictures are just beautiful. And that hummingbird moth is fascinating.

  8. Gorgeous Photos!!! I love your Rosettes as well! I'm sure your swap partner will love what you decide to send! Personally, I love them all! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


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