Monday, August 2, 2010

book binding with Leslie Marsh

(in these photos: Seth Apter, Pam Kirshenbaum, Kasey Kirshenbaum, Leslie Marsh and M'oa)

yesterday we had such a fun time in Leslie Marsh's bookbinding class, held here at Lemoncholy's Studio. Leslie makes amazing books (and darn it, i didn't take one picture of her collection of books that she put out for display -so sorry!)

we tore up black paper and then learned an ultra cool technique for creating natural stencils on our pages using items we had collected from the yard.

we had to make some adaptations with the rain that suddenly decided to show up; but it worked out well.

everyone finished their books and we couldn't have been more pleased with the results!

update: you can read about the class from Leslie's point of view here on her blog. love her amazing photos!

you can also see Seth's(The Altered Page) post about the class here.


  1. Keesha, that sounds like a wonderful class!!
    You and your talented friends need to move to Texas!!

  2. Thanks for hosting my workshop, Kecia. You have the most charming, perfect studio and you are so gracious and adaptable!

  3. This class looks like it was amazing. Too bad that I live so far away! And I love your studio and your blog... roxanne

  4. Such an amazing class Kecia. Thanks so much for being the best host and creating an environment that is inspiring even before you open the door. The iced tea was good too!


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