Thursday, July 15, 2010

flea market friday - join in!

don't forget that tomorrow is flea market friday. if you'd like to play, just take some photos of something(s) that you got at the flea market, antique or thrift store. i'd love to see what you have found. make sure you leave a comment and that  either your blog addy is linkable or let us know how to get to your blog.

you can also just follow mr. linky (below) which will take you to a page where you can enter your blog address, the name of your blog and then choose an image that will automatically show up in this post. 



  1. Thank you for a new blog hop. I love thrifting and sharing my great finds.

  2. Dogsmom sent me over here. I've already posted my Thrift Share Monday post but I'll make sure to send readers this way next Thrift Share Monday. Thanks for hosting this party. I think your finds are incredible.

  3. I was busy adding your link I didn't stop to comment. I am a certified thrift-a-holic and love blog hops. Thanks for combining my passions.


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