Saturday, September 19, 2009

day two

we are back at the hotel freshing up after another awesome day at the Country Living Fair. big crowds again today, but the buying was different. i think the big buyers were in yesterday. today was a lot of what i call "lookie lous" out for some fresh air and kettle corn! i still had a good day, so i 'm not complaining. a pretty lady stopped by my booth and ended up spending a nice sum on some of my higher end pieces. she bought "Silver Bella", the piece that was in the current issue of Belle Amoire Jewelery. she also bought my best piece, "the lost purse". i'm worried i won't have anything to sell at "Art -is-you" for vendor night when i teach there in a few weeks! (and there won't be any time to make much more after i get home).
got to see my online friend, Vivian, who came with her 2 friends, so that was fun. Vivian was kind enough to booth sit for me a few times so that i could run to the potty and also get some food - thanks!
We are heading out in a few for dinner in a few minutes to celebrate my birthday. tomorrow i've heard mention of the "weather word we shall not name", so please think good weather thoughts for our final day tomorrow! and i promised, plenty of photos to share with you when i get home.


  1. Happy Birthday Girlie!!! Hope this next year brings you all that you wish for!
    Birthday Hugs,
    Brenda Bliss

  2. Have a wonderful birthday and make heaps and heaps of sales.

  3. Happy birthday, girl and I'm so glad to hear that the turnout has been wonderful!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to you, Kecia!!! Loved reading about your fairs and booths and the people!!


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