Sunday, April 27, 2008

scenes from the Jersey Shore

the other day i had an hour to kill before i could go pick up something, so i went to the dog beach in Manasquan, NJ. it's a beach dedicated to the canine's. i love going to that beach. it is fun to watch all the doggies playing in the surf, chasing tennis balls, rocks, other dogs, etc. there were 2 little puppies who were seeing the beach for the first time. they were afraid of the water, which was cute. this beach is also the best spot around for finding sea glass. i guess it is the location of that brings the glass into the cove; beccause if you go right around the corner, by the inlet, you are at the Jersey Shore and i rarely find any sea glass there. we can usually find lots of blues and sometimes red, sea glass. on my way out of Manasquan, i snapped some photos of some of the beach bungalows that are still around. unfortunately they are quickly disappearing as they are being replaced by huge non beachy mcmansions.


  1. What a shame all of the beach bungalows are getting replaced. It just takes away from the feel of the place.
    It looks like a fun place to visit

  2. i had a look around and you are really creative :)

  3. Hi thanks for looking at my shop nice to hear from you it's been a while..beautiful photos


  4. So Jersey Shore...

    BTW, where exactly is this dog beach in Manasquan? I've heard about it, but I haven't quite figured out where it is. Would love to take Henry, Suki and Tara there.

  5. You're making me homesick and I'm only an hour away! Hope all is well, loved what you did in Anahata's class!


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