Saturday, April 26, 2008

i'm busy getting ready to leave for Hampton, Virginia to attend Artnsoul. i can not believe all the stuff that i have to bring for these classes. i have a huge suitcase full of supplies. it's crazy. it made me rethink artnsoul in Portland ,especially now with airlines starting to crack down on how many suitcases you can check in (some airlines are only letting you check in one suitcase now!) yikes. my friend just called in a panic as she found out she can only check one bag. thank goodness i am driving to Hampton, so i can bring as much stuff as i want. i'll be driving to Pennsylvania and staying the night with my friend, Jean. then Jean and i will leave in the morning on wed. and head for Virginia. we will drive straight to the airport and pick our friend, Zhulia, then go to the hotel and check in. classes start thursday morning. here's what i am taking:
thurs - Uber self portrait with Traci Bunkers
fri - Bedazzling butterfly boxes with Stephanie Rubanio
sat - transparency and collage with Michael deMeng
sun - girls got goth with Sally Jean
mon - junk drawer metalsmithing with Stephanie Lee

i really haven't gotten much done today as i am not feeling well. i thought it was allergies, but maybe i have a cold. all i know though is i felt horrible this morning after taking some allergy medicine last night. i just can't handle that stuff. today my chest feels tight. tuesday i have to go see my dermatologist for my annual skin cancer screening. i found a new red spot on my scalp that will need to be checked out. if you haven't had a screening for skin cancer, put it on your list to do - it's important!


  1. So sorry you are not feeling so great, I feel your pain. i have been struggling with Sinus crap for more than two weeks! Cant stand it. Have a Fantastic time on your trip you are so Lucky. Enjoy your time away and Im sure you will feel much better. Have a wonderful weekend. Jamie

  2. Oh what great classes you are doing. Sounds like a fun time for you girls.
    Hope you are feeling better before yuou leave.

  3. Hey Kecia,
    I hope you have a great time in VA...I wish I could tag along..can't wait to see all the stuff you'll show us when you get back.


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