Tuesday, April 22, 2008

artfest, day two, Nina Bagley's class, "Gatherings"

group photo L to R, Lisa Call, Candance, me, Nina and Julie

my front cover page of my "Gatherings" book. most of my little goodies on the cover are things i have found through out the years.

the second page i got done for my book. the angel in the box was the idea of my friend, Kim, who also took the class. i found it so lovely that i borrowed her idea so that it would remind me of being with her again and about our friendship. i miss her.

julie me and Candance (aka "the artnest girls"). they are so fun and lively. i was so happy they were in the same house as i. they made us they yummiest brownies of which i must get the receipe.


  1. What a fabulous creation. So much fun with the girls

  2. damn you, you made me get a huge lump in my throat and all teary~eyed, i wasnt expecting that...i am so glad we had 2days together, it was great and we still have valley ridge!!
    love you and miss you too...

  3. what a fun weekend1 you all look like you had such a blast.

  4. I live vicariously through you and all the fun classes you get to take. There is simply nothing like that around here...ya know...out here in the prairie - hehe! Your work looks soooo great and you must simply love coming home with all these new techniques and pieces done! I LOVED the streamer with the paper dolls ...that looked sooo fun!!

    Okay - I'm ready and rearing to go on the Memory Mondays, if you are still doing that....I've thought of some categories:

    Your most embarrassing boyfriend stories
    How you met your husband....
    Your most embarrassing life moment.....
    Your first apartment....

    *those came out of a lively discussion with some friends the other day...so I kept them in mind for ya!! So glad you're back in town and that Kitty is doing okay.

  5. I am so so very jealous.. I would love to take a class with Nina, your art work is getter better and better each time I see it..love always coming by and taking a peek.


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