Saturday, September 29, 2007

charms that i made for my teachers at artnsoul

i made 6 of these (2 have the same image) - for my teacher's at artnsoul. i wanted to give them to them after class as a way to say thank you. i realize they are getting paid; but it is a lot of work to do these retreats and teach and i wanted to appreciate that!
I just took a plastic fake leaf and after painting it with glue, dipped it in silver german glitter glass (love this stuff). then added the charm to the leaf. the charm itself was a gross pink color that i used alcohol inks on to change the color. then i added a tiny image to the center and then some resin. From some "wish "tickets, i cut out the word and distress with distressing ink (tim holtz). i then added it to a large tag that i add covered in paper. they can use it as an ornament or whatever they like!


  1. Wow these are really cool. They could use them as pendants too. Thats really a nice thing to do! I am sure the teachers will love it. (If not then they are wierd!)


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