Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My totally mod, glam bag came today!

I promised this would be the last post about my birthday and it will! When i took that class from Terri Ventura (of Dime Store Daze) at Tinsel Trading Company last month, she was carrying a bag like this that she had made. i just loved it! so different and original - so i asked her to make me one and informed my husband that it was one of my birthday gifts! It came in the mail today. i asked her for glam/fashion vintage images and i think she chose very well! The bag is made of laminated pieces that she collaged and then pieced together with rivets or whatever they are called!
You must check out some of the cool things that Terri makes. I believe she sells most of them at her etsy store which you can access from her blog - Terri is a jack of all trades; she makes cool jewlery and bags, she teaches at Tinsel Trading Company, she helps her husband out at his plumbing store and she sells antiques. she's always got something cool going on.
I am hoping to talk Terri into teaching a private class on making these bags. I've got some friends (Warehouseartchix - well hopefully!) that might come visit in the spring and maybe Kim and Julie will come too - since we were discussing having a small art retreat while they were here! she doesn't know this yet, so i'll have to email her with my idea and see what she thinks.
so take a look at her blog and then find her etsy store to see some her more charming creations!


  1. WOW! What a cool purse! I think that is the best! (or the bomb, as Deb says!) You have had some wonderful treats for your Bday and I can not wait to see the artist blog that made the purse!!!-Sandra

  2. Great birthday presents. How cool to be friends with such great artists!

  3. Hey Kecia,
    Thanx for all your praise.. I'm so happy you like the bag, It's always a little tricky making a bag for someone you know..BTW Happy Birthday I'm so glad I got to participate in some way.

  4. What a cool bag Kecia!! How wonderful that you could make a trek into the city to take a class at Tinsel TC--I remember those days of hopping on the train in NJ and being in Manhattan within minutes!--lucky gal you!

    Happy belated birthday!!--from one fellow Virgo to another.


  5. That purse is just so cool!If I had your addy, I'd send you something cool too!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! You've won an award - see my blog for details! :)

  7. thanks everyone - especially since i haven't been feeling very well - it's really been so nice to have others thinking of me and appreciating my friendliness!

    okay for anyone who really wants it:

    kecia deveney
    1606 oxford lane
    wall, nj 07719


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