Monday, September 24, 2007

my goodies from the warehouseartchix in Texas!

this is what i got on friday from the warehouseartchix ( . I am in a round robin with them and we are making altered dolls! if you go to their blog today you can see some of the dolls in progress. they are pretty cool. Sandra and i met on etsy when she purchased one of my 12" blank papermache manikin's from me. somehow we just started chatting alot and then became friends! her and her girlfriends are very nice and how sweet was it of them to send me a goodie box?it was so fun opening it. a paper cone was made to hold all the goodies. they made a darling tag and attached beautiful green ribbon hanging off the tag and to hang up the cone with. This funky really cool crinkly gold stuff (what is that Sandra) is hanging off the tag and hanger. they added the letter "K" which had been glittered under the tag.

inside my goodie cone was 6 glorious tubes of glitter - MY FAVORITE! the colors are so enticing, blues, pinks, greens and an irridescent one. there was a fabulous frilly pink beaded pen, a domino, a buckle, a metal rectangle with a vintage girl image on it, some cool rub on phrases for "birthday", some theater tickets that say "wish" (very cute!) and then 5 little silver tins full of fun goodness - button brads that resemble vintage fabrics, 2 darling face beads (which my friend, Kim, bought the same ones in Ohio while i was there, so that is kind of funny), some more of that glorious green ribbon, some 3-d round tags with cake picutures on them and then some really interesting paper flower brads. everything was so thoughtful and packaged so nicely. i just wanted to give a big thanks so much for the girls for thinking of me!


  1. So thrilled you liked it!! Everyone needs fun, fanciful gifts for their birthday!! Sandra did all the great leg work to put the gift together - because she's great at that! But we each send you a big hug and smile - and if we were 'IN PERSON' we'd all eat cake together!! We might even get rowdy and have a cake fight - *we can do that at our age right?? Sure - 'WE' just also have to clean it up - hahaha!(Bummer) Hope your day was a very special one!:) Debra

  2. love the cool stuff, the trailer looks like great fun, and you sure have a lot of fun names.

  3. Looks like more supplies to make more great Cworky dolls! I just received my doll in the mail and she's a great addition to my M collection. I lover her, thanks!

  4. I am thinking if we start now, we can make next years birthday even more fabulous!! We have soooo enjoyed having you join the chix in conversation and in art!! So glad your birthday was filled with treats!-Sandra


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