Monday, March 31, 2008

yet another Easter Swap i particpated in

this cute little tin contained some yummy chocolate eggs from Norway!

this chickie with the darling hat was inside this beautiful collaged egg. loved the glitter she used.

i usually don't get into holidays besides Christmas, so not sure why i was so into Easter this year. must be all the cute things that got made! This was another swap hosted by
Monica Saga of We made two items and then swapped them with our 2 assigned partners. One of my partners was Monica, so that was cool. She lives in Norway, so it was fun to mail off one of my cute altered eggs to her. My other partner, who i shall not name, never contacted either of us after being assigned. i left a few messages for her on her blog and emailed her, but she's never responded. Both Monica and i sent her our items in good faith, but was sent nothing in return. at first i was really annoyed by this, thinking you know, that's really tacky.i didn't like the idea of my gift being received under dubious circumstances. (nice word, huh?) i wondered if she's done that with other swaps too. But then i decided that maybe something more serious has happened in her life and that i just don't need to worry about it. hopefully my altered egg went to a good home! i know it has a good home in Norway! thanks, Monica!

this will be my last post since i am leaving for Artfest tomorrow. as my mom says "there will be a Lemoncholy blackout" until i return since i am not taking my laptop. (unless i find someone willing to share their computer with me......)maybe once i am in Portland, at michelle's house, i'll have a minute to check in! see you soon,



  1. It is such a shame when people don't participate properly in Swaps. They are such fun and a great way to get to know people. Sadly you got a partner that was just a taker. Does make you wonder how often she has done it.
    Have a fun time away

  2. Have a wonderful time at Artfest!


  3. I hope you have a great time, but how could you not! Can't wait to see and hear all about it.

  4. Love that little chickie with the party hat :)

  5. I will be so glad when you come home from artfest... the blogging world has been to quiet without you! and I can't wait to hear what you have made and learned...

  6. Have a fantastic time at ArtFest!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see all the wonders!

    There were some super cute Easter swaps this year. Almost seems like more swaps this Spring than there were around the holidays. Love all the goodies you received! So sad about that one swap partner, but it was their loss not meeting new people and making new friends. I always wonder sometimes about those individuals - if maybe they really were nice people and something horribly tragic happened to them. I guess we'll never know?

  7. Have a great time at Artfest!!! Those are wonderful Easter treats...just think next Easter will be wonderful as you pull out all those treasures to decorate with!!! Can not wait to hear about what you learn and create at Artfest!!! -Sandra


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