Sunday, March 16, 2008

finished jewelry box and blog comments of late

here's a vintage jewelry box that i've redone. finished it last night. i've got a show coming up in May, so trying to get my merchandise stocked. i love working on these old jewelry boxes. Has anyone been getting odd comments lately on their blogs? i've been getting a few here and there ever since it seems, i started "labeling" my posts. the comments don't say much, but want me to click and check out something or say, "warning" and stuff like that. one of them took me to a very disturbing political site. now i just delete them because i read someone saying a comment took out their blog (like a virus.....) kind of scary. can't we just blog safely without having to worry about freakin weirdos, hackers, etc.?
don't forget Memory Monday tomorrow: Childhood pets is the topic. got a pet story from childhood, pic of your favorite dog, etc. share with us!


  1. I love this, it's really wonderful.

    Nope, no weird blog comments but I'm going to be on the lookout now.

  2. I love the jewelry box; and, you certainly have cool neighbors, although, I bet the braying can be annoying.


  3. You might want to add the word verification step to your comments to prevent 'bots from leaving those nasty comments. Either that or moderate all your comments. I have the word verification set up on my blog - no weird comments since I implemented that eons ago.

    Love the new stuff -- and the burros and emus. (Is that by the farm stand on New Bedford?) I have a thing for emus -- love when they chase one another around the pen.

  4. i LOVE this jewelry box - well done, keesha!! xoxo, jan


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