Thursday, March 20, 2008

day #3 Hippity hop swap

today i opened this pretty embellished paper doll pin made by Stacy Harris, hers was fun to opened, because she really thought out each step. the pin was inside a paper bag that she had soaked in vanilla or something like that - because it smells good! she had the pin wrapped up in some tissue paper nestled inside some thin strips of sheet music and some cream colored buttons. i've got to appreciate any woman who would share from her button stash! a cute card on the outside with darling chickies, a feather, velvet ribbon, buttons and a round tag with the #3 completed the packaging. very nice! thanks, Stacy!


  1. You certainly are getting some pretties from this swap

  2. How fun for you! The chicks are too cute!

  3. OMG How sute is this!I can't wait to receive mine!We have snail mail here in Canada so I'm still waiting. I'll just kep peeking over here..LOL! Happy Easter!


  4. Ohhh I so agree that she was so sweet to share from her buttons...her packaging was too cute and that pin is so of my favs for sure!-Sandra


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