Sunday, March 16, 2008

My perfect nothing out of place studio!

yeah, right! my studio is a constant source of anxiety for me - it is very narrow and if i leave a few things out, it starts to give me that claustrophobic feeling. anyway, several artists have been posting pictures of their less than perfect workspace. taking a cue from julie, at Mad Hat blog,, i am posting a picture taken today after i just finished up a few projects. DISASTER! but then if you look at the first picture of my feet, which is how i went to the store yesterday without even realizing, you'd understand!


  1. Thanks for sharing... I'm glad I'm not the only one!


  2. Your studio looks perfectly normal to me. And, I like your shoes; I bet you have another pair just like them :)


  3. This post certainly hits close to home for me. My work area is in complete disarray at all times. I Love it that way! As for the differn't shoes, Im sure you are the only one who noticed!

  4. The shoes cracked me up! The kind of thing I would do!
    Your space looks fine to me. Controlled chaos is how I work too.

  5. I can totally understand the shoes...I have a couple pairs that are the same style but one in black and one in dark brown and I have mixed those up...happens.

    Love seeing the husband often comments that I spend more time cleaning up my studio than working and it still seems a mess.

    See you at ArtFest.

  6. i am laughing and do not feel bad that my studio is a constant mess, but i do know where most things are!!
    love you~

  7. Yeah, and what's wrong with your shoes????

  8. I like that mismatched look!!!

    Your work space is utterly beautiful and inspring!!! Thank you for offering a peek inside!

  9. First of all, the sandals are proof that you ARE busy....and your studio looks like fact, when i first looked at the picture i thought that it WAS mine! LOL
    xoxo, jan

  10. I could look at that picture of your studio for an hour! SO MUCH TO LOOK AT! Thanks for posting this picture!

    That shoe thing is so funny!


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