Monday, March 17, 2008

i picked up this adorable paper mache decoration today. it is so cool. i wish i could say that i made it. but it does look like something my buddy, Vivian Neroni, would make! see some of her goodies on her blog, love her banner that says "Queen" and the fact that she is holding a little baby. the picture on the bottom is something i received today from another bud, Maija in Phoenix, I had admire this little nest on her blog and next thing i knew, we were swapping! i'm sending her goodie out tomorrow. My box from the Hippity Hoppity Easter Swap arrived, so i will start opening one gift a day for 11 days starting tomorrow and then blogging them.


  1. Hello. I just love the things you make and what a BEAUTIFUL blog you have.


  2. your paper mache piece looks like a dee foust piece, sold under the bethany lowe name. I have a few of her things. I love them!


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