Thursday, March 6, 2008

when one door closes, another opens

My friend, Lindsay, for person reasons, has had to back out of attending artfest. we were to spend one night in Seattle and then room together. i was really bummed as i was looking forward to meeting her (we met online). So then i was thinking about it and my new friend, Jennifer, from San Diego (who i met at Artnest) told me she hadn't yet made her flight arrangements yet for Artfest, so i told her of the plans and how i would be in Seattle the night before, etc. so she is going to come and play with me (and Andrew too!) i'm so excited to see her again. She is also in the same house as i at artfest. so what was a bummer is now exciting again!

also, i've spoken with Teesha and i will be doing some chair massage at Artfest; probably a little during Art Asylum and maybe at vendor night. if you are going to be there, keep it in mind!


  1. Hi Kecia,
    I found you! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I am very excited to hear that you may be giving chair massages at Artfest! I have had a chronic problem with migraines over the past year and have been nervous about going on a big I may pay you a visit, but hope to just meet you and chat too! Hugs. Heather

  2. that is awesome and you are right, when one door closes, another rock, sister...any mail surprises today??? we are having a huge huge snow storm today!

  3. Oh...Kecia...who's your buddy... who's your pal? Chair massage? I will be ALL OVER that!!! I can't believe I went most of my life without getting massages. Now I try to get one at least once a month!

    Very glad your lemons turned into lemonade. Hopefully your PDX time will turn out the same way. :-)


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