Tuesday, March 11, 2008

what a day!

Jeff is down with the flu or stomach virus that tuck had last week - so i'm taking care of him (horrible patient) and then watching tuck too, cuz we don't want him to get it again. so needless to say, I'm quite tired! i am either getting the flu or having what i think might be sleeping pill side affects. i was taking ambien for a few weeks since i never get good sleep. but then i started feeling really queasy during the day (and this started at Artnest), feeling extremely weak and over all tired - which are all side affects. so i stopped taking it 2 days ago (and i was only taking 1/4 to 1/2 a pill since i am very sensitive to medicine. if i could have today,i would have slept all day. could be a combo of stress, the sleeping pills and pms. what fun we ladies have in our lives!!
so today at 4pm, east coast time was registration for Artnsoul, Portland, Oregon in Oct. well i was online at 4pm as instructed and started signing up for my classes, only to have the server crash again. this happened in May and it was very frustrating then. to have it happen today when i was feeling not 100%, kind of got me really frustrated. i signed up for the 2 classes i really wanted, only to go to pay and then get kicked off the site ("oops, this page is not available") and then not be able to get back on. by the time i got back on, my cart was empty and one of the classes said it was now "closed". it was so frustrating. you'd think that they'd be prepared (and they said they were........) maybe they don't realize that every 6 months, that many more people want to attend. i think they should double their estimate from now on and be ready for a gazillion art eager women to be online applying for their classes! so then registration was closed down and changed til tomorrow at 4pm at which time i should be almost arriving at work. i'll have to admit, i wasn't feeling patient and calm. i kept asking myself, why do i put myself through this? it's like ebay, i finally stopped doing ebay, because i don't want to get into any bidding wars - don't have the energy for that anymore! either sell it to me, or i am moving on! lol.
i leave with a few pics i took yesterday. one of my favorite tea pot, a shadow outside of a garden ornament and you can see me in the corner and my easter egg tree that i decorated using a branch i found outside after our wind storm.


  1. Hope everyone in your house is feeling better sooon.
    It is so exhausting when you have to take care of a sick household. make sure you take care of yourself.
    Love the shadow photo.

  2. i love your teapot! and your easter egg tree is wonderful:)

    hope you're feeling better - and that you're able to register tomorrow.

    xoxo, jan

  3. Get some rest Kecia. A&S registration won't be open until Thursday now. You'd think they'd have load tested the software but it doesn't sound like it. I know they're doing their best but it is frustrating.


  4. If it helps to know, the classes probably won't all fill. Registering for A & S VA crashed and gave a full message when they weren't really full yet; and some classes I thought would fill right away didn't fill for a few days.

    Good health to everyone in your family, especially you.


  5. Murphy's Law at its finest. I hope you all feel better soon. Take care of yourself - if you go down than what will happen?!

    I understand your frustration with the registration - that would really make me mad. And I also totally agree on ebay - though I do still use it I would rather just buy something and move on.


  6. Take care of yourself- please!!

  7. that teapot looks ripe and ready for a nice, quiet spot of tea together! love, mom

  8. I was right there with ya! At least we got our classes though. Looks like we will have Nina's class together. Love your art work.


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