Monday, March 10, 2008

Memory Monday

Thanks to Laurie, for sharing this image with us at Artnest and also thank you to Heather Bluhm, for creating this button for me. feel free to add the button to your blog!
Today's topic was: childhood incident, injury, accident
So i will start. In the 70's, when i was 10, our family, being in the Navy, moved to Guam. For awhile, before we were able to obtain housing at the base, we lived in a hotel. i don't remember what floor we lived on, but we had to use the elevator. One day i was running around, playing, maybe going to the pool or back to our room and i got into the elevator and got stuck. well, let me tell you, being alone in there and being 10, I freaked out! it scared the crap out of me. i remembering hitting the alarm and then just screaming - get me out of here! i really don't remember exactly how long i was in there, but it seemed like forever. and i think that little incident has something to do with my claustrophia today! (this was also the same hotel where, after receiving roller skates from our dad for Christmas, we'd skate up and down the hallways making a lot of noise. Skating was quickly banned after that!)
My other incident, was also on Guam. my friends and i use to love to go up on the roof at our house on base. they were flat and we'd shimmy up there and play, sunbathe, whatever. well one time i was up there and i stepped on an old rusty nail. it was a really long nail and i can still picture it going into my foot to this day. i mentioned it to my mom and we cleaned it up and that was that. well, then my foot started hurting. one day at swim practice, i was swimming so badly, Mrs.Meyers, a coaching asst. made me get out of the pool to see what the deal was. when i told her my foot hurt, she took a look at it and a red line (i think it was blood poisoining, but i could be wrong about that...) was going up from my foot towards my knee - not good. So she calls my mom and then, i love this parts, makes me ride my bike home! i went to the hospital, where all i can remember is them scrubbing the sh-- out of the site, which had turned into a huge blistery mess, full of infection let's just say! (very painful!), wrapping it and i was sent home on crutches. (and i'm sure, antibotics!)
next week's topic: childhood pets and please email any ideas you might have for topics! maybe something interesting from childhood, whatever........
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  1. The button rocks! You poor little girl! The fright and the boo-boos!

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  3. Oh my goodness!! That rusty nail story is simply terrible - that gave me the willys. YUK!
    LOVE the button you created - sooo cute!
    Okay - my entry was minimal as I'd already shared the Unitooth story - which was my big tragic event:(~


  4. Love the button Hearther created for you. Yeah those rusty nails can get ya. I added the button to my blog and wrote about my childhood injuries.


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