Sunday, March 30, 2008

heading to artfest on tues.

thank you all for your nice supportive comments to me about the approaching date of Tucker's injury. I'm sure i will be so busy in Seattle on the 1st hanging with Andrew, and my new BFF from Artnest, Jennifer that i won't have time be sad! unfortunately i do not think i will be taking my laptop with me on this trip as i just don't have the room. so you'll have to wait patiently for my return to hear all about Artfest!

Andrew is renting a car, so jenn and i are hitching a ride with him for day one and two in Seattle and then heading over to Port Townsend the next day. We have a great little schedule planned, thanks to the ever organized, Andrew. Upon arrival and finding our car, we are heading to a Target to buy a few necessities. This will be a quick in and out visit and there are more important things to see! Next we are heading to a store called "Impress rubber stamps" to do a little shopping. our next stop takes us over to Fremont Street so that Jen and I can grab a photo op with the Fremont Troll - a huge cement statue of a troll who lives under the bridge there. Then it's off to PPC (it's like a Whole Food Store) to pick up groceries. Then we will make our way over to the Archie McPhee store and maybe a few other stores if there's any time left. After that we head to our hotel to check in. we are staying at The Sixth Avenue Hotel, which is in walking distance of Pike's Place Market (my favorite place!). After checking in, we will rest, get cleaned up - whatever until we grabbed dinner at Pike's Chowder Place.

Day two gets us up early to head over for breakfast at Pike's Place Market at Le Panier bakery. we want to get there early to watch the vendors start setting up - putting out their flowers, the fish. maybe will get to see some fish tossing! After breakfast we head over to catch our ferry to Bainbridge Island. it will take us about35 minutes to get there. we will be making a stop after arriving to visit Poulobus - a rubber soul stamp store and art gallery that Andrew knows of. Next we head over to the town of Port Townsend to walk around and check it out. there is an art supply store, more galleries, a thrift store to go see and lunch to be eaten! Then we will drop off Andrew's luggage at his B&B before heading over to Fort Worden (as seen in the movie "An officier and a gentleman") to register. Jen and i will head to our house (5) and unpack. We will see Andrew later in the evening, i'm sure. We go to dinner between 5:30-7 and then the big trading frenzy starts! there is a kickoff meeting in the pavilion between 7-8. Sometime in there, i will be looking to meet my roommate, Sara, who will be driving in from Seattle.

Day 3 for me has me eating breakfast at my house (i didn't buy the breakfast plan) before heading off to my first workshop with Nina Bagley, called "gatherings". the workshop runs from 9-4 with an hour for lunch. dinner is at 5:30 and then from 7-10 there is a beach bonfire with hots dogs and s'mores. everyone brings their journal down to the beach. i'm bringing some warm clothes for that, as i heard last year it got quite cold! somewhere in there, maybe from 6:00-7:00, i will be doing chair massage in the Art Asylum room.

Day 4 i have another workship with Nina Bagley, called, "A wee book". it follows the same schedule as the other classes, so will be done at 4:00. Again, at some point, maybe at vendor night, i will be doing some chair massage.

Day 5, last day at Artfest, i take "Wallpaper people" with Anahata Katkin. i 've seen the work from this class and it is incredible. and i love Anahata since meeting her and taking her icons workship at Artnest. she's such a sweet person and a great teacher. we will be working on 6ft panels of wallpaper, so it should be really cool. i know a lot of people who are in this class, so i think it is going to be really fun. after dinner there is a worshop show and tell for everyone to see each other's work.

Day 6 - sunday, we leave the fort - :( . i will be hitching a ride with fellow charmsters, Michelle and Maya. We are dropping Maya off in Seattle and then Michelle and i are heading to Portland, where i will stay with Michelle. We hope to meet up with our friend, another charmster, Allegra before i leave early on wednesday morning.


  1. Oh Kecia what a fabulous time you are going to have.
    Enjnoy it all.
    Thanks for checking out my buttons.

  2. Hi Kecia,

    I've just finished 55 charms. I hope we get the chance to meet and trade. I've got Nina for Saturday's class.

  3. Have a great time at Artfest. I will be in Seattle this weekend for a wedding so I'll have to check out some of those places you've mentioned in your post.



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