Monday, March 3, 2008

oh my gosh, it's Monday!

thanks Debra, for reminding me - my goodness, where did the week go? today's topic was "your first boyfriend"
the bottom picture is of my very first boyfriend, in 7th grade. his name is Chris. isn't he the cutest? i still think of what a sweetie he was. he lives in California and i didn't see him for years until our 20th class reunion. i had moved away from there in 9th grade, so technically i wasn't really in their graduating class, but i kept in touch with a lot of friends there, so i was invited to attend the reunion. and it was so much fun. much better than the high school i did go to. anyway, this was when my friend, tina, drove me by his farm (yes, he's a farmer!) and i saw him again after so many years. sweet picture, huh?
the top and middle photo, is of my boyfriend, Ken. we started dating right after i graduated high school when i was 17. he was 16. we met at Mcdonald's (our job) and we were together for 8 years. of course, we thought we'd get married, etc. i went to a community college for 2 years and then when he was ready to start college, we went to the same college in North Carolina (Elon University). he was in a fraternity (Sig Ep) and i was a tri-sig. we just sort of drifted apart in the end, mainly due to his drinking and drug use. when i graduated from college, i moved back west to be closer to my family and that was it. i think he hoped we'd get back together for several years after that, but unfortunately the damage was done by that point. that is his pic from when he played high school football and then when we went to his prom. i love my dress, but look at that hair and makeup! yikes.
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next's weeks topic: any childhood incident/injury/accident


  1. I love a good story! So, whatever happened to Ken????

  2. I like the idea of blog topics!

    The picture in the middle reminds me SO MUCH of my sister and her boyfriend. (They also were together a long time and split because of his drinking.) He even looks like him!

    Your hair and dress are just mid-eighties perfection!

  3. That's a great first boyfriend story. I checked this morning and didn't see your Monday post, so I didn't know if we were doing it this week. I just posted mine tonight. It's rated X so beware (LOL).

  4. Those are great pictures! You are really good at keeping up with the pictures...all of mine are filed away in a box somewhere (maybe)...I think I just lost most of that stuff through the many years of moving. * But they are sealed away in my mind perfectly!!
    I can tell that you and I are about the same age by the 'look' you have going in your pictures:) Your prom picture is reminiscent of one I have someone where too:) *Both guys are very cute...
    Soooo great that you got to reconnect after 20 years - love those stories! Debra

  5. I don't have any old pics of my first boyfriend but we recently reconnected via facebook, strangely enough. Not sure if he reads my blog so I think I'll skip this entry and play along next week.

    LONG LIVE THE 80's!


  6. Okay - it's really Tuesday...but I played Monday's Memory game:) Debra


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