Monday, March 17, 2008

Memory Monday

it's Monday again already! the topic this week was childhood pets. did you have any growing up? a good story about them? When i was in 7th grade, I had my own lamb! her name was Kizzy. that's her on the ground next to me. I had to get up early in the morning and and me and my sister would go out in the cold weather, donning our barn boots and go feed Kizzy and Shannon (my sister's lamb). we would fix up some concoction in a big bottle for them to drink. then we'd stick a nipple on it. they would devour it! they were really cute and very fluffy! kizzy and shannon were always escaping the side yard where we had them. i wish i had some pictures of me and my sister chasing them down the street trying to wrangle them up! That's kizzy's baby, Priscilla, that i am holding. i think someday, i'd like to have a few sheep again! leave a link if you are playing!
next week's topic: Sorority/college stories - come on, you know you got em!
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  1. Nice story. The lambs are so cute. It took alot to get up early each morning to feed them. My story is about how my dalmatian and I came together.

  2. I too had an unusual pet, a pig named Nitchy. Raised him in the house, to my mother's dismay. He was fourty pounds before I put him in a pin, also he was housebroke.HeHe. Love your blog.


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